Christmas: three days of priceless gifts


Three days of listening, sharing, meeting, connecting, dialogue and play just before Christmas.

With De Deelwinkel and Bibliotheek Gelderland Zuid we organise a huge event of listening, dialogue and sharing.
Where: outside on Mariënburg and in the library
When: 21 december from 14.00 to 18.00, 22 december from 16.00 to 20.00 and 23 december frpm 14.00 to 18.00.

What’s happening and how can you help?


As a Freelistener you make a sign with the word ‘Free listening’ on it. And then you just stand somewhere feeling a bit awkward. People passing by can start talking to you. You listen. Everyone can tell you their story, any story. You listen with undivided attention and without judgement or unsollicited advice. Some storytellers will be so fired up about this idea that they will want to make their own sign. That would be great! Do you want to be a Free Listener? Please sign up! More information about the Free Listening project can be found on Urban Confessional’s website.

Sharing coupons: deelbonnen

The deelbon makes it easy to share a service for free. On the special deelbon card you write what you want to share one-off from your abundance. For instance something you want to do with or for someone. You add your card to the wall. Someone picks up your card and contacts you to receive what it is you shared. Please take a card that someone else shared too, even if you didn’t share something yourself. There’s no trade here, no money involved, no hassle. Do you want to help collect and connect the deelbonnen? Please sign up!

Seize your moments

Janne Willems travels the world, asking people to draw a beautiful moment from the past week. Check it out on Seize Your Moments. Janne has provided us with a stack of cards we can use to collect moments. The front is used to draw the moment, on the back people can write a short explanation and their contact information. (If they want to keep informed). We gather these cards to make an inspiring display of beautiful moments. If people want to keep their card that’s possible, in that case we take a picture of back and front. Do you want to help collecting beautiful moments? Please sign up!

The strangers project

The Strangers Project collects written stories. They have published a book of these stories. We are inspired by this. We will ask people to write their story and we will display the stories to inspire others and to have conversations about the stories. Do you want to help collect stories? Please sign up!


In a quiet room in the library we will facilitate a dialogue for a small group of people. The subject will be somethin that touches everyone’s hearts. This dialogue will be hosted by Sanne and she will use the four steps of appreciative inquiry. Do you want ot participate in this dialogue? There are only EIGHT SPOTS. You cansign up here!

Are you a trained facilitator of dialogue (like circle dialogue, socratic dialogue, world cafe etc) and do you want to host a dialogue? Please sign up, and we will try to find you a good room and participants for your dialogue.

Volunteers network

Would you like to volunteer for more of these listening and dialogue activities? Outside of this Christmas event? Please join our facebook group! We will keep you posted of future events, or you can organise your own.